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Cite Your Sources!

End of Class Activity

Time to do one more activity before you leave for the day! Here is the link to the activity. Feel free to do this in pairs OR solo, whichever you prefer, but please no more than 2 per group. 

Class Resources

Welcome to the libguide for your FYS class! In this guide, you will find several different resources to use on your assignments. The resources will change based on the assignment that the class is currently working on, so check back often for updates! You can also find a link to citation help (on the left) and contact information for your librarian (on the right).

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Looking for leads? Scrolling through a few of these Twitter feeds can help link you to relevant news stories!

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Warm-Up Activity

How do you know what information is fact and what is fiction? You evaluate information every day, whether you pay attention to the process or not. For this exercise, think about the questions you ask yourself to figure out what a piece of information means to you. 

Look at these news sources. Is one seen as more/less credible than the other? Why? With a partner, use this form to write down some of the questions you ask about a source of information as you try to find out whether or not it's useful to you. 


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