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MBA Library Research Basics: Get Started

Library research resources and tips for MBA students

How to Use this LibGuide

Welcome to the LibGuide for MBA Library Research Basics!  

What is a LibGuide?

  • LibGuides are online research guides.  They serve as your one-stop portal to the many business information resources recommended by Butler University Librarians. 
  • LibGuides include tips to help you find, evaluate, and cite the information you use.
  • Some LibGuides are customized to assist with research for a specific course or assignment.  Other LibGuides are available for research on general business topics, such as industry research or international business. 
  • One easy way to find LibGuides is through the Butler University Libraries website

How do I use a LibGuide?

Get started by clicking on the tabs at the top of the LibGuide.  Links inside the boxes on each page will take you to additional information.  Questions? Please contact your Business Librarian



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