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Ambulatory Care: Wordpress

A guide for students in RX 646 Spring 2015.

Need Help?

The Information Commons is available 6 days a week to assist with WordPress (or video or other technology) questions!

Drop by the InfoCommons desk in Irwin Library, or use library chat to connect with help remotely.

Wordpress QuickGuides

How to Change Your Theme

Once you've logged in to your blog, hover over "Appearance" and then click "Themes."

You can choose whatever theme you like, but some themes have more options than others, so be prepared to experiment. Themes offer different kind of layouts, so make sure you've settled on a theme before you start formatting your pages.

How to Add an Image

If you're saving an image for later...

Upload your image from your computer. When you're done, you'll see this:

Click edit to add your image credits.

Or if you're in the middle of editing a page...

Add your image credits and decide how you want your image to appear on the page with the Attachment Display Settings at the bottom. When you're done adding your information, click "Insert into page."

Managing Menus

In WordPress, menus allow your users to navigate through your site. When you're planning your site, it may be helpful to think about what you want your navigation to look like. Depending on the theme you select, you may need to turn the menu "on" by visiting Theme Settings, which is located in the Appearance menu.

You can add multiple Pages by selecting them in the left hand column and clicking "Add to Menu." You can also add links to external sites by expanding the header that says Links. Once you've added the pages you want, you can drag them up and down to control the order.

You can create drop-down menus by dragging pages to the right underneath the page you want as primary.


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