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Company Research: Tips

Resources and methods for company research

How to Use this Guide

This LibGuide for Company Research was created by Butler University librarians who serve as liaisons to the Lacy School of Business.

Use this guide's home page as a starting point.  For more specific company information, go to the tabs at the top of this page.

Company Research Tips

 The information you will find on a company depends upon several factors.  Before you begin your research, ask yourself these questions:

1.  Are there variations of the company name?
Different research resources may use alternative spellings or abbreviations of a company name. 
Some databases require a ticker symbol to find company information.

2.  Is the company public or private?
It is usually easier to find information on public companies. For tips on finding information on private companies, go to the related tab at the top of this page.

3.  What about the company's "family tree"?
Is it a parent company?  Division of another?  Foreign-owned?  Family-owned?  

4.  Is the company newsworthy?
Companies tend to be in the news when they want the PR, when they are performing extremely well, or when they are having problems.  Even a small private company may be considered newsworthy by local press.

To get help with these questions, start with a directory listing or company profile.  Go to the “Databases” tab at the top of the page, and look for the link to "Company Profiles." 


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