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ES100: Fundamental of Chamber Music (L. Brooks): LC Classes & Subjects

A guide created for ES 100: Foundations of Chamber Music

LC Classes Relevant to Chamber Music

The Butler Libraries use the Library of Congress Classification System (LC) to determine the location of its materials.  The LC system is an alpha-numeric system.  This means that the call numbers contain letters and numbers.  The letters tell the user the general subject matter of the material; the numbers provide more specific information about the material.  Here is a brief overview of the relevant classes.  For more complete information, visit the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Music Library's "Guide to the Library of Congress Music Scores Classification" site(Many thanks to our colleagues there for creating this!)

M = Music or Scores

ML = Music Literature and/or Music History

MT = Music Theory and Pedagogy

Below are some important range designations for CHAMBER MUSIC in the LIBRARY of CONGRESS system:

M 1.A1-5000   MUSIC SCORES


M 177-990      Music for two or more solo instruments

M 180-298.5      Duets

M 300-386         Trios

M 400-486         Quartets

M 500-586         Quintets

M 600-686         Sextets

M 700-786         Septets

M 800-886         Octets

M 900-986         Nonets and larger combinations of purely chamber music

M 990               Chamber music for instruments of the 18th century and earlier

ML 460-1354      Instruments & instrumental music

ML 1100-1165         Chamber music

MT 170-810         Instrumental techniques

MT 728                  Chamber music instruction & study


LC Subject Heading

Useful Library of Congress (LC) Subject Headings for Chamber Music:

*N.B., a subject heading is a descriptor!  (These are terms are part of a contolled vocabulary so you must use the exact spelling, wording, etc. -- punctuation is NOT necessary when you are searching by subject heading or subject terms/keywords.)

Chamber music
Chamber music -- Bibliography
Chamber music -- Dictionaries
Chamber music -- History and criticism
Chamber music -- 18th Century -- History and criticism

[N.B., Chamber Music Scores -- LC Call Number Range = M177 - M990]

Bassoon and accordion music
Bass clarinet and bassoon music
Bassoon and continuo music
Bassoon and contrabassoon music
Bassoon and double bass music
Bassoon and English horn music
Bassoon and flute music
Bassoon and guitar music
Bassoon and harp music
Bassoon and horn music
Bassoon and trumpet music
Bassoon and tuba music
Bassoon music (Bassoons (2))  (NOT Bassoon duets!)

Brass nonets
Brass octets
Brass octets (Trombones (4), trumpets (4))
Brass quartets
Brass quartets (Baritone, flugelhorn, horn, trumpet)
Brass quartets (Horns (4))
Brass quintets
Brass septets
Brass sextets
Brass trios

Piano quartets -- History and criticism
Piano quintets
Piano trios -- Scores

Quintets (Electronis, violins (2), vivola, violoncello)
Quintets (Piano, violin, viola, violoncello, double bass) -- Scores

String quartets
String quintets -- Scores
String trios

Viola music--Bibliography [HINT:  You can use other instrument names in place of "viola" to find similar books on different intstruments!]

Woodwind (includes all reed instruments, single and double)
Woodwind nonets, etc.

Wind instruments (may be combinations of woodwind and brass)
Wind quintets (Bassoon, clarinet, flute, horn, oboe) -- Parts
Wind sextets (Bassoon, clarinets (2), flute, horn, oboe -- Parts

Woodwind trios (Bassoon, clarinet, oboe) -- Parts

Vocal ensembles [LC Call Number Range:     M1527 - M1529.5]

Vocal duets
Vocal nonets
Vocal octets
Vocal quartets
Vocal quintets
Vocal septets
Vocal sextets
Vocal sextets with piano
Vocal trios
Vocal trios, unaccompanied

*N.B. = nota bene = "note well" or "take notice"



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