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ES100: Fundamental of Chamber Music (L. Brooks): In-class assignment

A guide created for ES 100: Foundations of Chamber Music

In-class assignment

You will be divided into groups and each group will be assigned one of the following to research:

American String Quartet

Archduke Trio

Death and the Maiden Quartet

Dumky Trio

Ghost Trio

Night Music from the Streets of Madrid

Quartet for the End of Time

Trout Quintet

Verklärte Nacht

Werther Quartet

For your assigned chamber work, please determine the following:

  1. Composer's full name and date(s) and the complete name of the work (as it should appear on a recital program)?  Be sure to include any applicable opus numbers, sequential numbers, thematic catalog numbers, and the key of the work.
  2. The instrumentation of the work.
  3. Whether or not the Butler Libraries have a score of the work and if they do, the call number(s), name of the publisher(s) and type of score(s).
  4. Whether the Butler Libraries have at least one recording of the work and if they do, the performers and the call number for the recording.  (You only need to provide this information for one recording.)
  5. Whether there is a recording of the work available through Naxos Music Online and if so, give the label and performing group for at least one streamable recording in the Naxos database.
  6. The significance (i.e., explanation) of the nickname of this particular chamber music piece.


Email Butler University Libraries
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CAT: 317-940-8575

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