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Butler Business Consulting Group--Client Profiling: Company

The LibGuide was created to help BBCG interns to find information on the private companies search.

Company Overview and Business Description

Check the Internet.  Many private companies have websites with useful information. Secondly, look for directory listings, company profiles, and news articles using the databases listed on the right. 

Financial Information

Financials for private companies are often reported as "estimates."  The figures may be outdated by a year or more.  Use with discretion, and always cite your source.  Business & Company Resource Center, ReferenceUSA, and Hoover's report financials of the private companies.

Key Employees, Competitors, & Parent Company

Key Employees: Check a company's website.  Secondly, ReferenceUSA and Business & Company Resource Center give a list of key employees.

Top Competitors: ReferenceUSA gives a list of Top Competitors and their contact information. 

Parent Company: Check the Internet as well as databases listed on the right.


Databases with Information on Private Companies

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