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FYS: Shakespearean Temper (Ries): Search tips!

This guide is for use by students in the first-year seminar class FYS 102 taught by Rebecca Ries.

Helpful search hints!

Don't forget --

  • Use KEYWORD searching initially to ID relevant records, for example:  shakespeare merchant venice criticism.


  • Use QUOTE MARKS around words that you wished to be grouped and searched in a particular order, for example:  "globe theatre" or "merchant of venice."


  • You can FOCUS YOUR TOPIC (or search) by adding terms that limit by: 

                     genre or form,

                     time period,

                     geographical location, or   

                     key terms or concepts

  • Use Library of Congress (LC) SUBJECT or DESCRIPTOR headings to find additional resources on the same or similar topics.
  • Use TRUNCATION (i.e., shortening a word to its root or base form using a designated symbol, such as ?, * !, $) for words that might:

*Have more than one significant form, e.g., shakespear? = finds shakespeare, shakespearean, shakespeares, shakespearian.

*Have alternative spellings (type as much as you KNOW is correct!)., e.g. theater or theatre

N.B. (Nota bene!), the truncation symbol in the WorldCat Discovery Box is "?" or "*"  For MOST databases, use the asterisk    " * " .  If that doesnt work, consult the "help" screen of the database!

Also, N.B., you do NOT have to capitalize proper nouns when searching for them in online databases.

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