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FYS: Creativity (Zurbuchen): Books

This LibGuide is designed to give students of FYS 102-54 CREATIVITY an introduction to research in the area of creativity.

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There are two strategies for searching Butler Libraries Catalog:


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1.  Keyword Searches - looks for the occurrence of your word(s) in the catalog records.  The catalog search engine assumes an "AND" between the words, picking up any record that has the terms, not necessarily side-by-side.

Suppose you are interested in finding information about how music can manipulate one's mood.

You might first think of some relevant terms and synonyms:








affective state



Try the following keyword search in the Butler Libraries Catalog: mood altering music

If you find a record that seems to be "right on target" for your topic, take a look at the subject "descriptors" (also known as "Subject Headings").

2.  Subject Searches - Books in our catalog are assigned Library of Congress Subject Headings, which describe the book's content. For the topic of music's affect on modd, you may wish to explore the subject heading:

Music therapy

Note: If you only want to view ebooks:  select E-Book Collection in the Collection Box. 

Recommended Books on Creativity from the Butler Catalog


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