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All About eBooks: Ebrary

All About Ebrary

Supported Devices

Computer monitor ebrary ebooks can be read instantly within any Internet browser. 


ebrary offers several options for reading on devices:


Download special-format pdf files for the entire book or individual chapters. Will work on most computers and devices, but not the Kindle. Requires Adobe Digital Editions.

Download standard pdfs for one chapter at a time. Will work with most computers and devices, including the Kindle.

Using an ebrary eBook in your Browser or as a PDF

You may search or browse by subject/topic to locate a title in ebrary. 

ebrary search main page

When you search or browse, you will see titles listed as below. From here, you can choose to download the book as a pdf or read the book in your browser. 

To download as PDF - click the download button

To view in browser - click on the book's title

ebrary results list of titles with options for each title, including download or ereader

When you read a book online, you should see the cover image for the book in the right portion of the window (the viewer).  On the left, you should see the table of contents.  This is a menu with hyperlinked chapters; click on a chapter to see it appear in the viewer.  A menu above the viewer gives you the ability to progress pages, zoom, and annotate.  There is an option on the left side of the page to search within the text of a book.  The Read Online option includes buttons for download if you still wish to download pdfs.  See the next tab for more information about these options.

When reading a book in ebrary, there is a menu above the content area with options for Full Download, Chapter Download, Copy, and Print to PDF.

 Full Download downloads the entire book to your computer or device. This requires you to have an ebrary account, which is free to Butler users. You must also have a special pdf reader program (Adobe Digital Editions), which can be downloaded here. Any books you download will be subject to a loan period.

 Chapter Download opens a box called Print to PDF. There are three options in this box; clicking Chapter Download automatically selects the option for Current Chapter. The download will have a citation at the bottom of each page; you can change the citation style using the drop-down menu in the box. Click Continue to download the chapter as a pdf, which you can then save to your computer or print.

Copy pulls up the text of the current page or any highlighted text in a pop-up box and gives the directions Press Control-C to copy. This can then be pasted into Word or into another kind of document.

 Print to PDF opens the same box as Chapter Download. Clicking on this option automatically selects the option for Current Page. You may change the option to Page Range and type in the selection you would like to print. Just like when using Chapter Download, this opens a pdf that you can save to your computer or print.

**Because of copyright and fair use laws, ebrary limits the amount of pages you can print or copy.  Each book has a different amount of pages available, and that number is displayed on the book's page and when you go to download/print/copy pages.  Both the Chapter Download option and the Print to PDF option pull from the pages available to print limit.  The Copy option takes away from the pages available to copy.

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Using an ebrary eBook on your Device

Clicking Full Download on a book's page will let you download the entire book and read it on your device.  You must download the Bluefire Reader app in order to do this.

When you click Full Download, you will be given an option to choose what device you are using.  Choose iOS, then tap continue.  You will be prompted to get the Bluefire Reader app.  If you already have the app, you can push Done with this step.  Finally, you will be prompted to download your book.

The book will be added to your library in the Bluefire Reader app.  You will have access to the book for a limited time depending on the loan period.  When reading a book in Bluefire Reader, you can bookmark a page and add notes to it.

You can tap the Info tab in the menu above the content area to see a book's expiration date and to return the item if you finish with it before the due date.

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