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All About eBooks: EBL

About EBL

Most of the eBooks available in EBL are Demand Driven Acquisitions (DDA) eBooks.  This means that the library does not actually own them yet.  When someone uses them for an extended length of time, they trigger a short term loan.  When a loan is triggered the library either pays a fee for the patron's loan or we buy the title outright.

Supported Devices

Computer monitor EBL ebooks can be read instantly within any Internet browser. 


You can also download EBL book chapters as pdf files, so you can access them on any device with a pdf reader.

Using an EBL eBook

You may search using the search bar at the top of the screen or browse by category on the right side of screen

To go directly into the online reader, click "Read this book."  To view more information about the title, click "View Details" and to add this title to your saved list, click "Add to Collection."


All eBooks available for DDA require being viewed in the online reader before they can be downloaded.  To access the content in the online reader, click the "Read Online" button.

Users can browse within the online reader for 10 minutes before being asked if they want to continue.  From the online reader, the user can also copy or print sections of the text, download the entire eBook for a loan period, or search the contents.

A user can copy or print text of the book by selecting either the Copy or Print options from the top menu of the online reader.

Copying or printing parts of the book requires a STL.  After the user clicks the copy or print buttons, a popup box will appear asking the user whether he/she wants to continue and if he/she wants a 1 day or a 7 day loan:

The copy/print allowance for each book can be found on the "Details" tab and the "Download" tab of the left side menu

The online reader also has a search feature. To use this feature, click the "Search" tab on the left side menu.  Enter your query into the search box and click "go".  The results list will appear under the search bar, with a page number and a snippet of text:

The entire eBook can be downloaded from the online reader.  For some eBooks, EBL gives the user to choose between the PDF format or the ePub format, however no matter which format the user chooses, Adobe Digital Editions is required.


To download the eBook, select the "Download" tab from the left side menu.  Select the desired format and the loan length (either 1 or 7 days) and then push the "Download button".

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STL eligible?

Whether STLs (short term loans) are available depends on the publisher.  Some publishers do not allow STLs at all, some place an embargo period on their content, so only older material is available for STLs.  We've decided to include titles which are not available for STL in our DDA profile.  This means that the title must be purchased on the first request. 

To monitor spending, we've made these titles a mediated purchase, which means that the request must be approved before the eBook is purchased.

Titles that are available for STL are identifiable in a couple different ways in EBL.  In the search results list in EBL, STL eligible titles will be marked "Available" with a green icon:

Additionally, the title page will have this message:

These eBooks are unmediated.  This means that both STLs and purchases will be triggered automatically based on a users behavior without any approval from the library needed.

Books that are not eligible for STL are still listed in our catalog and they are still displayed in EBL.  These books must be purchased by the library before a patron can view the content.  Titles that are STL ineligible are mediated which means the purchase must be approved by the library.

These titles can be identified in the EBL search results list as the titles marked "Request" with the orange icon.

The title screen will have this message:

Once purchased, the library will have perpetual access to the title.

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