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FYS: Language Controversies (Heinz): Annotated Bib

Annotated Bibliographies

An annotated bibliography provides the reader a succinct description and/or analysis (the annotation) of each item in a list of works (books, articles, etc.) The items in the alphabetized list of works (the bibliography) are included together for some purpose.  An example would be recommended readings on a particular topic.

The style (MLA, APA, etc.) dictates the format of the citations for each item in the bibliography.  The requirements of the project define the type of content needed in the annotations.  Generally, the content will include both descriptive and evaluative information. 

Help with Annotated Bibliographies

University websites, especially their library websites and writing center websites, are good sources of online information on topics relating to research and writing.  

Some library options include:

Some writing center options include:



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