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Getting Started With Social Media: Twitter

A guide that explains how faculty and staff can use social media.

Reduce Twitter Spam

To reduce Twitter spam consider a Twitter validation service. 

Twitter 101

Twitter is a communication tool and a platform for listening to the communication of others.

Use Twitter to Stay Current

  1. Follow people or organizations related to your profession
  2. Identify popular hashtags related to your profession

Use Twitter to Network

  1. Make sure your Twitter profile is professional and appropriate for your profession.
  2. Make sure you link to your social media home base.
  3. Set a reasonable goal: 1 substantive tweet each week will quickly add up!
  4. Make sure your tweets share information and be sure to include a hashtag.

Guard Your Professional Image 

Twitter can be addictive and it's easy to be drawn into the recreational aspects of the tool.  However, remember that most employers, many conference organizing committees, and even journal or magazine editors WILL search for you online via Google.  Therefore if you do want to participate in the recreational aspects of Twitter I recommend using a separate Twitter account and a pseudonym.

Tip: If you want to convey a professional image then treat all Tweets as if your boss is reading them.


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