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Getting Started With Social Media: Social Media Strategy

A guide that explains how faculty and staff can use social media.

My Social Media Strategy

A good social media strategy requires planning. 

  1. Be sure you have clear goals for what you  want to achieve
  2. Be honest about how much time you are willing to commit to establishing and maintaining your presence
  3. Decide on your tools
  4. Start small

Build your network!

  1. Daily – Spend 20-30 minutes on your social networks, comments and mentions.  Remember this is not social time; it is the time you take to post a status update, tweet a good article or other similar activity
  2. Weekly – Send out follow requests for friends
  3. Monthly – prune your network so that it is full of trusted sources that align with your goals

Connect all of your social media tools together. When you choose a social media "home base" and make sure that any social media platforms you use link back to it.

Popular Social Platforms


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