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Tutoring Resources: Information Technology Resources (MS265)

Resources for student help and tutoring through a wide range of courses and content areas.

Excel Traning

Information Commons & Center of Academic Technology

Contact Information

Students and faculty can reach the Information Commons during our scheduled hours in person at the Center for Academic Technology (JH037) or Irwin Library Information Commons desk during the following hours

Center for Academic Technology (JH037)


9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday Unstaffed
Irwin Library
Monday-Thursday 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Friday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Saturday Unstaffed
Sunday 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Rich Media Resource Area (JH048)
Monday-Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

You can also reach us:

Phone: 317-940-9235 or 317-940-8533
AIM: BUInfoCommons
Yahoo: BUInfoCommons
Web chat:
Text message (SMS): (317) 758-3551

Access Training

Ø  Access: Intro Training

A.      Introducing Access

·         Starting Access and creating a desktop shortcut

·         Using the Quick Access toolbar

·         Customizing the quick Access toolbar

·         Using Backstage view

·         Using the Navigation pane and Shutter Bar

·         Closing a database and exiting Access

·         Using the Access help window

·         Searching for a topic in Access help

·         Creating a PDF

B.      Understanding Content Security

·         Enabling a database that is not trusted

·         Viewing and understanding the Trust Center

·         Defining trusted locations

·         Beginning a new database from scratch

C.      Creating a Database

·         Creating a new database based on an existing database

·         Creating a database from a template

·         Finding database templates online

D.      Designing a Database

·         Creating a table in Design view

·         Creating a table by entering data

·         Creating a table using template

·         Assigning a Primary Key

·         Assigning multiple Primary keys

·         Inserting additional fields

·         Deleting existing fields

·         Navigating through a table

·         Adding, editing, and deleting records

E.       Working with an Existing table

·         Finding data in a table

·         Replacing data in a table

·         Entering data using AutoCorrect

·         Adding to the Auto Correct collection

·         Using spell check

·         Hiding and unhiding columns

·         Freezing and unfreezing columns

·         Renaming a field

·         Copying a field

·         Changing row height and column width

·         Filtering records in a table

·         Filtering records by form

F.       Creating a Form for Entering Data

·         Creating a simple form

·         Working in Layout view pt. 1

·         Working in Layout view pt. 2

·         Creating a form using the Form Wizard

·         Creating a form from scratch

·         Adding a field to a form

·         Working in Design view

·         Using a form for adding, modifying, or deleting records

·         Displaying a form and its data simultaneously

G.     Working with Queries

·         Creating a Detail query

·         Creating a Summary query

·         Creating a query in Design view

·         Creating a Multiple Table query

·         Adding criteria to a query

·         Using Logical Operators in queries

·         Sorting query results

·         Finding the top values in a query

H.      Working with Reports

·         Creating a report using the Report Wizard

·         Creating a one-click report

·         Creating a report in Design view

·         Modifying a report in Layout view

·         Adding a page header and footer

·         Adding a report header and footer

Ø  Access: Intermediate Training

A.      Using Access 2010 and Tables

·         Searching for objects in the Navigation pane

·         Viewing a sample database

·         Creating a custom field template pt. 1

·         Creating a custom field template pt. 2

·         Displaying the sub data sheet for a table

B.      Working with Field Types and Properties

·         Using advanced filtering and sorting on a table

·         Adding an Input Mask on a field

·         Making a field required

·         Formatting field contents

·         Assigning a default value to a field

·         Adding fields from an existing table

·         Using hyperlink fields

·         Editing hyperlink fields

·         Adding a field caption

·         Changing the field size

·         Choosing number formats

·         Choosing date/time formats

·         Choosing a yes/no format

C.      Querying for Information

·         Using a query for calculating a value

·         Prompting for a value in a query

·         Summarizing data with totals

·         Creating a Make-Table query

·         Creating an Update query

·         Creating an Append query

·         Creating a Delete query

·         Finding duplicate records

·         Finding unmatched records

D.      Working with Forms

·         Adding a Date Picker control.

·         Adding a combo box.

·         Adding a list box

·         Editing values in a list box

·         Creating a Command button

·         Creating an Option Group

·         Using a Toggle button, Option button, and Check Box control

·         Creating a multiple items form

·         Splitting a control layout into two layouts

·         Changing the control tab order

E.       Generating Reports

·         Adding the date and time to a report

·         Creating a report in Layout View

·         Inserting a page break

·         Sorting a report  

·         Grouping a report

·         Adding a group footer containing summary information

·         Keeping a group together on one page

·         Forcing a new group onto a separate page

·         Creating a summary report without record details

·         Creating a calculated field in a report

·         Creating mailing labels

F.       Making Forms and Reports Look Better

·         Applying a theme to a report or form

·         Applying a theme to a section of a report or form

·         Creating your own theme

·         Customizing a theme you've created

·          Applying a conditional format

·          Changing control color

·         Adding special effects to controls

·         Aligning controls

·         Spacing the controls horizontally and vertically

·         Adding gridlines to a control layout

·         Changing the gridline appearance

·         Adding a rectangle and line control

·         Adding a picture in Design view

·         Setting the Size Mode property of an image

·          Making a picture into a hyperlink

Subject Guide

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Information Commons
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Text: 317-758-3551
Or stop by Irwin Library: we are located at the Information Commons desk on the first floor and in the Center for Academic Technology offices on the third floor.


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