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Scholarship in the Digital Age: Organization Tools

Accompanies a presentation by Information Commons and eLearning Librarian Amanda Starkel.

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Bookmarking Tools

Keeping it All Together

Considerations for Organization Tools


  • Will the free version be sufficient over time? 
  • Are you willing to commit to a payment long-term?

Public or Private

  • Is this for your personal use?
  • Is this for professional development?

Workflow Preferences

  • How does this tool fit into your preferred workflow?
  • Does this add more work or make existing work easier?

Ease of Access

  • Will this work on all the devices you want it to?
  • Will this work from all the locatiosn you will need it to?

Create consistent and well-labeled folders, lists, tags from the beginning! If you try and implement an organizational schema once you've already added a lot of content, it will mean more work for you.


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