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SIA Spring Workshop 2014: Intro

Resources for the Society of Indiana Archivists Pre-Conference Workshop for Spring 2014.

Why Wikipedia?

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Why does it work?

  • "An overwhelming percentage of the edits to Wikipedia are done in good faith—that is, by people trying to improve articles, not vandalize them. People edit Wikipedia from the pure motivation that it gives them a great feeling. When vandalism occurs, it usually remains briefly because there are so many constructive editors around to fix it."
  • "Wikipedia has a large number of rules about its process that encourage collaboration and build consensus around what information goes into articles. When people follow these rules, quality articles are the result."
  • "An overwhelming percentage of editors do follow the rules, and when others point out their mistakes, they're willing to self-correct. Those editors who do find Wikipedia rules to be problematical typically leave on their own."
  • "Finally, there are a few editors with special authority to enforce the rules. This authority is granted by the community of users, through agreed-upon processes. So far, the enforcers have been adequate for the job, helped by increasing automation of many routine administrative tasks."

-- From "Introduction" of Wikipedia: The Missing Manual

How are materials licensed?

One of the five main pillars of Wikipedia (which we'll touch on later) is that Wikipedia is free content than anyone can use, remix, and redistribute. All text contributions on Wikipedia, therefore, are licensed with a CC BY-SA license. Non-text media are made available under a variety of licenses, including Creative Commons, GNU General Public License, and public domain. Non-free images are, when necessary, made available at low-resolution under a fair use rationale.

Creative Commons Licenses Explained

A great introduction to Creative Commons licenses for students or anyone unfamiiar with open licensing.

The Creative Commons Licenses




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