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SIA Spring Workshop 2014: Archives & Wikipedia

Resources for the Society of Indiana Archivists Pre-Conference Workshop for Spring 2014.

GLAM Information

Citations & External Links

“Please be aware that far and away the main concern raised by Wikipedians in creating this advice page was a fear of spam – that is, the repeated insertion of large numbers of links to your institution's website. Try to contribute to Wikipedia first by improving articles rather than starting by adding lots of links.”

“If you have material which provides additional information which cannot be included in the article then the addition of a link under the Further reading or External links sections should be considered. We aim to include only the most useful links on the entire web under these headings and your expertise should be very useful in finding these. Please do not just add links to your own institution unless you think librarians, curators etc. at other institutions would agree that your link meets this standard. Feel free to delete existing links which you feel do not meet this standard (though it is considered polite to add a note explaining why on the Talk page for that article, if you do delete something that others might see as valuable (see the tab at the top of each article page for the link to its Talk page).”

-- from Getting Started for GLAMs: Additional Guidelines


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