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GHS 208 (Keating) - Summer: 20th Century


  • New Life Movement
  • Sun Yat-Sen
  • Chiang Kai-Shek
  • One Child Policy
  • Space program
  • Demographics

20th Century China

Here are a few pages about the 20th century in China. Here on the home page you can find some other important aspects that are not covered in the pages, as well as some overall infromation about China during this time period! Enjoy!


Here is an introductory video to explain the major concepts, and different events that make up the century. Many different aspects were important to create the culture and histoy that China has today. 


Here are some introductory Books on 20th century china. They focus on the overview of the history, and the important events in China during this time pepriod. Both of these books were written in the 2000, and describe and discuss the importance of the 20th century and the impact it has on the Chinese culture today. 


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