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GHS 208 (Keating) - Summer: Corruption


©2013 Jldominguez, Public Domain

This image shows the corruption worldwide. 

Military Corruption

China's military spending is increasing yearly and is now the world's second largest military budget in order to create a more modern military and this in turn is shifting the power in Asia. This story discusses the fraud within the advances of the military and the corruption within the military, which affects the efficiency, and how when a Captain tried to show this, he was put into a mental hospital. This article from NPR has information from reliable sources with audio from the Captain himself. The purpose of this NPR broadcast is to spread the information of the Chinese government and their military and the effect that this could affect the country as a whole. This is important because of the potential power that the China's military could have would effect those in China, and whoever they use this military power against.


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