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GHS 208 (Keating) - Summer: Dynastic China


History of China's Dynasties

This video gives a short history of all the different imperial Chinese dynasties. This video was made in 2012, so it is current and the information is up to date. The maker of this video, Mr. Klaff, makes videos and writes history review books for history classes, so the video comes from a relable source. The purpose of this video is to give the viewer a short description and summary of each dynasty. I chose to use this video because it simplifies complex historical periods and is easy to understand, while still being extremely informative. 

China's Dynastic Cycle

This video discusses the historical cycle of China's dynastic territorial expansion and contraction and explains how this pattern affects modern China, the Communist Party in particular. This video was made in 2013, so it is current and is knowledgable about both imperial China and modern China. The maker of this video, STRATFOR, is a global intelligence company that specializes in Web publishing and client solutions. This source combines modern news, which STRATFOR specializes in, with imperial Chinese history. 

Reference Works (Online)

Reference Works (Books)


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