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GHS 208 (Keating) - Summer: Traditional Medicine


Traditional Chinese Medical Practices and Herbs

Taking Moxibustion after taking Acupuncture.(Kyutoshin)

David Gray/Reuters

Sanya Chinese Medicine Hospital

This video gives an overview of the Sanya Chinese Medicine Hospital, which uses only traditonal Chinese medicines to treat their patients, such as cupping, electrical stimulation, and accupunture. This video empahasises the philosophical approach of traditional Chinese medicine through and connects understanding of these aniceint practices with the modern world through this hospital. The maker of this video, Allen Jiang, lives and works in Sanya, where this hospital is located. He has made and uploaded many other factual videos of attractions around Sanya, so his information and video can be trusted. This video applies to my research because it explains traditional Chinese medical practices as well as shows a real life example of how these ancient practices are used in the modern world. 

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