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GHS 208 (Keating) - Summer: Paintings and Music

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This is a digital tour of the Saatchi Gallery in 2009. This specific video only displays new art from China. The video is posted by the Saatchi Gallery themself. It is also posted on their website. There should be no worries about reliability when watching this video tour. Watch this video for a look into Chinese art!


This is a video that gives a brief taste of traditional erhu music. The song being played, "Tea Harvest", is an authentic song which is also located on iTunes for purchase. If you saw the picture in the center of the page and were curious as to what the erhu sounded like, you should listen to this video to put and end to your wonders.

Image: Erhu

© 2006 Anna Frodesiak, CC0 1.0


This video is an hour of Chinese relaxation music. The music played in this video correlates with traditional calming music of the Chinese culture. Sergio Chacon, posted this video for his viewers/listeners to stay calm. Listen to this music when trying to focus on other work, sleep, meditate, or just to get a feel for the Chinese culture!



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