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GHS 208 (Keating) - Summer: Natural Resources

Eyes in the Forrest

The Eyes in the Forrest project plants infrared cameras in China to capture images of the country's wildlife. The cameras allow the researchers to capture images of the animals in thier natural habitats and without them knowing. The project also allows researchers to document the number of animals in the wildlife. The Project is headed by Dr. Dajun Wang who works for the Center of Nature and Society at Perkins University.

Wildlife- Live Panda Cam

China's Last Elephants

This video portrays one of hina's rare animal species, the elephant. China is at risk of losing its elephant population and is in need of extreme conservation steps to keep the species thriving. 



Rare Earth Mining

This video discussed rare earth mining in China and the damage it causes. The mining has made entire villages unlivable and ruined water and ground resoures. The following video is a PBS Newshour report from 2009


Methane Plants in China

The NPR story discusses China's effort to reduce the pollution in coal mining. The idea of proposed to use methane, a byproduct of coal mining, to use as energy and prevent the greenhouse gas from entering the atmosphere. 


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