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Global Horror and Monster Cinema: Reference Materials - Books

This is a resource guide for academic research in the global horror and monster cinema field of study.

Academic Resources - Books

This is a section of resources that cover the horror film genre. Here you will find academic books that cover a wide variety of topics that relate to the analysis of the horror film. There are also a few resources that cover how to generally write about film in an academic setting. 

All book resources come from Butler Irwin Library.

All books below are linked to their direct source. To expand you search use the Butler WorldCat search bar. 

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The Horror Fim

Horror and the Horror Film

Men, women, and chain saws:gender in the modern horror film

Introduction to Japanese horror film

Unnatural Reproductions and Monstrosity: the Birth of the Monster in Literature, Film, and Media

Horror zone the cultural experience of contemporary horror cinema

Dark directions Romero, Craven, Carpenter, and the modern horror film

The wounds of nations Horror cinema, historical trauma and national identity.

Writing about film - Books

The following resources cover how to academically write about film and film criticism

Film theory and criticism : introductory readings

A short guide to writing about film

The language and style of film criticism


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