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Global Horror and Monster Cinema: Reference Materials - Websites

This is a resource guide for academic research in the global horror and monster cinema field of study.

Horror Websites Overview

What follows is a listing of websites that may be useful for further research into the horror and monster film genres. These resources are a mix of fan sites and the websites for some print magazines. When looking for academic research be careful what you cite from these resources as most of this will not be peer reviewed research. However, these websites may be a good starting point that will work to narrow your research to an academic level. As always it is good practice to check with your professor to see if these types of resources will be allowed.

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Horror Film Websites

This category covers both traditional online news websites and fan run websites in the horror community. 

Bloody Disgusting

Bloody Disgusting covers many types of entertainment news, but their primary focus is gore and horror. They have a healthy mix of breaking news, reviews, and celebrity interviews. 

Horror News

Horror covers all sorts of things horror. They also cover international news like Asian-horror films. They offer a podcast for the most recent horror news and analysis as well. A unique feature of the site is a small database covering many movie posters from 1973 to 2006.

Popcorn Horror

Popcorn Horror is a website that is unique insofar as it endeavors to cover independent horror news. This is a great website to learn about films that may not be getting mainstream attention. They do still cover current news as well. They also have a lot of top ten lists, and even cover what is coming up on Netflix.

Shock Till You Drop

Shock Till You Drop not only covers the latest news, but they also have current movie reviews and a "choice cuts" section where you can get video interviews and exclusive lists about classic films. Another great feature about the site is how they review DVD releases of classic films. The classic film selection should help any horror fan broaden their horizon.

Latin Horror

Latin Horror describes themselves as the first English language horror site dedicated to Latin horror movies. However, you can also get news and reviews about many other horror topics that are not necessarily related to the Latin Film genre. They also offer reviews of some independent films before you can see them in theaters.

Horror Film Magazines

This category covers sources that have both an online and print presence in the horror community.


Fangoria is one of the original horror film culture magazines. Born out of the need for more fantasy film coverage Fangoria finally found its permanent audience when they switched directly to horror with issue #7. From there the rest was horror history. Now the magazine endeavors to be a mix of current horror reviews and interviews while brining in many features on the history surrounding horror films. 

Famous Monsters of Filmland

Famous Monsters of Filmland focuses on the monsters of the horror and science fiction genres. They strive to present original and engaging horror content that seeks to present monsters as an art form. As a result of this some of the covers of the magazine are highly prized collector items. Their website features reviews, links to purchase newsstand editions, and exclusive content.

HorrorHound Magazine

HorrorHound magazine deals with current news and reviews around the horror genre. They feature news about everything from horror themed toys to comics to movies to novels. Their website also features a great deal of news, plus ways to purchase current and back issues of the magazine. 

Scream International Horror Magazine

Scream gives fans the options of ordering both digital and print editions of their horror tribute magazine. They also cover worldwide news and ship to multiple countries truly making them an international force for horror. They also cover nearly everything horror related from games to DVD releases to celebrity interviews, they have it all.

Rue Morgue Magazine

Rue Morgue magazine is just one arm of the Rue Morgue horror empire. They produce everything from movies to novels to clothes. Included in this is their digital and print horror magazine that is published eleven times a year. The magazine itself is a tribute to all things horror. The website also offers many of the same stories as well as current news features. 


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