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Global Horror and Monster Cinema: MLA Citation Guide

This is a resource guide for academic research in the global horror and monster cinema field of study.

MLA Citation for Academic Film Writing

This page will give a quick reference for how to cite the elements of a film in the MLA style. Included in this reference page will be links to sources that cover the MLA style at length.

MLA In-text Citations for Dialogue

When it comes to citing a line of dialogue it follows the same rules as citing dialogue in a book, journal, or poem. Your in-text citation will need to reference the first item in the citation on your Works Cited page. 

Example MLA (2016):

Batman reveals his identity to Gordon saying, "A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy's shoulders to let him know that the world hadn't ended" (Nolan).

Works Cited

Nolan, Christopher. Dir. The Dark Knight Rises. Warner Brothers, 2012. Film.

*example created by Justin Welty

MLA Works Cited Examples

The links below will take you directly to two sources that cover, in-depth, how to cite a multitude of academic sources. 


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