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Shortridge Research Visit: Language & English

Created for the 3/13/2018 visit to Irwin Library.


Don't just grab the link! When you leave campus, your link may not work without a Butler login. In order to ensure continued access to the content you locate today, download and save or email the file to yourself, or copy and paste into a document or take screenshots. Before you leave, double check and be sure that it sent or saved and that you can still open and view the entire text or file.

Subject-Specific Resources

The search below is WorldCat Discovery. Here's what you need to know:

  • It will bring back all sorts of good stuff - books, ebooks, evideo, articles, etc!
  • It's a large, flexible search - put in a title, author, or topic keywords

Find books, articles, media, and more at Butler and beyond

Advanced SearchPowered by 

When you see search results, it will tell you what type of material the item is (book, ebook, evideo, etc). It will also will tell you whether it is held by Butler University Libraries. If you see something other than Butler listed (WorldCat Libraries or PALNI), this means we don't actually own a copy here.

PRINT CONTENT (Books, Musical Scores, etc) 

After you make sure that the item is held by Butler University Libraries, you should be able to see whether it's currently available and where it is located. Take this info to the Information Commons desk on the first floor - they can direct you to the right shelves.

You are welcome to browse and we can help you make scans, but you won't be able to make copies or take the items out of the library with you. Remember, scanning takes time - don't wait until right before you leave!

ONLINE CONTENT (eBooks, eVideo, etc)

On the search page you may notice an Access Online button. If the item is held by Butler Libraries, this button should connect you with the content online. If it does not:

  • Some ebooks will say owned by Butler Libraries, but when you click the button to View Online, it will ask for a Butler login. These are only available to Butler students/faculty/staff and will not be an option for your research today. 
  • Sometimes links break! If you can't get it to work, let us know.


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