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GHS208: Website Project (Keating): Working with Topics

Fall 2017 LibGuide for Dr. Keating's Project

Mind Mapping Tools

Brainstorming map. Circle in center says idea. Several arrows and sub-bubbles sprouting from this center one.

Organizing Your Site

Create a clear plan for organizing your topic and your site - from the beginning!

Step 1:  What pages, subpages, and sections are you going to need?

  • You should have more than 2 pages, but Weebly will limit you to no more than 5 (including your homepage)
  • Your homepage should introduce the audience to your site and its purpose. It also should clearly navigate them to the rest of your content. 
  • Think about design elements like columns, sections, anchors, etc. to assist with navigation.

Step 2:  What order should your content be in?

  • How do you want someone to explore your site (ideally)? Can you create buttons, transitions, shortcuts, etc that will lead them through it in this way?

Other Tips:

  • Consistent or parallel naming is helpful.
  • While each of your sections may be separate, you want the whole site to feel cohesive. Work together!
  • Have people try out your site. Ask what they liked and what was confusing or frustrating. Ask them if the structure made sense and the navigation was easy. 


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