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GHS: China in the World: 20th Century

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20th Century China

Suggested Topics

  • New Life Movement
  • Sun Yat-Sen
  • Chiang Kai-Shek
  • One Child Policy
  • Space program
  • Demographics

New Life Movement

Sun Yat Sen

This video is documentary on Sun Yat Sen and how he influenced China's History. The video was published in 2015 by a YouTube Channel "IT'S HISTORY". The Channel is a creditable and reliable channel that helps viewers discover the most important world eras and the minds that changed history. The channel is sponsored by Mediacraft Networks and provides an entertaining yet informational look into the life and leadership of Sun Yat Sen. The documentaries published on this channel contain material licensed from British Pathe, which is a dynamic cross-media company and a market leader in the licensing of footage to the broadcast industry. 

Chiang Kai Shek

One Child Policy

This video was published by the Wall Street Journal in 2015 after China announced that families would be allowed to have two children without conditions for the first time. Even though the One Child Policy is gone, there are still problems arising for couples trying to start families. This video talks about five different hurdles that couples are facing in China while trying to start and care for a family. The five hurdles include: the couple must be married before having children, the couple notify the family planning bureau before they becoming pregnant with the second child, the couple must follow the family planning rules, the family must provide equal treatment for the second child, and they must deal with the household-registration system. This video gives insight into the problems that come with these regulations and rules. 

This CNN Interview was published in 2015 when the One Child Policy was put to an end in China. The interview is with Jonathan Fenby, and China expert. During his time with CNN he talks about how right now there is a gender imbalance and the China could soon become even more overpopulated. He does say though that even thought a baby boom would be predicted there might not be one because it is so expensive to raise a child in China. He also goes into the restricting that the law puts on the their people. Even though China is moving in the right direction of freedom and rights, it will still take a very long time for all constrains to lifted.

Space Program

CNN reported the exclusive footage from Beijing on May 28, 2015 on China’s secret space program. China wants a better cooperation in space with other nations, particularly the United States. Fifteen nations including the United States, Russia and Japan cooperate on International Space Station missions, but China's involvement has always been a non-starter because of longstanding resistance from U.S. legislators. In 2011, Congress passed an act to bar NASA from having any bilateral contact with individuals of the Chinese space program because of national security fears. China said that outer space had become an area of "strategic competition." The footage is reported by David McKenzie who is an award-winning international correspondent for CNN based in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Mao Tse-tung


Sun Yat-sen


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