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GHS: China in the World: Communism

LibGuide built by Dr. Keating's Summer 2016 GHS Course


Suggested Topics

  • 1949 Revolution
  • 100 Flowers
  • Great Leap Forward
  • Cultural Revolution
  • Tiananmen Square "Revolt," 1989
  • Nixon, Kissinger & Opening to America
  • Reform: 1990s to Present

1949 Revolution



Great Leap Forward

This video segment was published in 2013 by The History Channel. It is a description and video/picture slide show of real people during the Great Leap Forward. It shows devastating images of Chinese workers suffering and starving due to Mao's push of steal productions and mass farming. It goes into detail of the number of deaths under Mao's rule and how it is considered the worst famine this world has ever seen. 

Cultural Revolution

This video segment was published in 2014 by CNN when a man was interviewed in Beijing about being a victim of the Cultural Revolution. The man described how his wife was a middle school teacher during the Cultural Revolution and beaten to death by The Red Guard. Her former students were also interviewed about the tragic day. Her students told the cameras that there was nothing they could do because if they tried to stop The Red Guard they would have been told that they were "resisting the tide of the revolution." 

Tiananmen Square "Revolt" 1989

The educational video was uploaded in April 2009 The Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989 was an outcry of young students in China against the government in which they were protesting for a democracy initiated by an unknown man. The unknown man blocked Chinese tanks in the street a the beginning of the protest. The unknown man that was videotaped and photographed was identified as a 19-year-old student, but there are conflicting stories about what happened to him. There was an account of about 1400 people killed and numerous were hurt. The video provides information on the massacre, and news coverage that was taken from that day. 

Nixon, Kissinger & Opening to America

Reform: 1990s to Present

Goldman Sachs published this video on April 18, 2016. Timothy Moe, chief Asia Pacific regional equity strategist for Goldman Sachs Research, discusses how equity investors are looking at Chinas economy progress to stimulate their growth and promote structural reforms. The strategist touches on the hurdles China may have to face to continue their growth.

100 Flowers

The Forecast of Communism in China

The Great Leap Forward

The Great Leap Forward Propaganda Posters

Tiananmen Square


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