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GHS: China in the World: Art & Architecture

LibGuide built by Dr. Keating's Summer 2016 GHS Course

Art & Architecture

The Great Wall of China

Chinese Paintings

Chinese Calligraphy

The Grand Canal

China's first great canal system, built in the year 605.


  • Great Wall
  • Grand Canal
  • Terra Cotta Warriors
  • Paintings & Music
  • Calligraphy

Literature and Videos

This video is a great resource to look at because it gives a broad overview of the innovations that were employed by the Chinese Empire.  It discusses The Grand Canal, among other topics, and the effect it had to greatly improve the Ancient Chinese Empires.  A lot of those benefits are still seen today.

Terracotta Army in Xi'an, China

Above is a video that teaches the history of Chinese Musical Instruments. It goes way back and shows how each of the instruments have changed their name through the years. It also describes how the instruments themselves have changed over the years as well. 

The  video below shows the art of Chinese Calligraphy and how it is abstract and a form of art to be appreciated. There is energy in each brush stroke and it is visible when the artwork is done. Many Chinese strove to achieve calligraphy and it was seen as an ideal! There are many styles of calligraphy and many are still used today.  

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Additional Reference Works

Images of Chinese Art and Architecture


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