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Which Forum Type Should I Use?

In the (default) Standard forum for general use, students will see the description above the list of discussion threads. Students will be able to start new discussion threads.

In a Single simple discussion the instructor posts a question and students are only able to reply. They cannot start a discussion topic of their own.

In a Q&A forum the teacher starts a discussion topic with a question or prompt and students respond to it. By default, a Q&A forum requires students to respond before being allowed to see one another's responses--great for urging independent thought!

The Standard forum displayed like a blog works much like the default forum style. However, the first post of each discussion is displayed like a blog entry so that users can read it and then respond by clicking the "Discuss this topic" button below the post.

Using Forums

  1. In a course with editing turned on, choose Forum from the Add an activity menu.
  2. Enter a Forum name and a Description. The name is what students see on the course page. For the Single simple discussion forum type (see left column), your description must include the question or topic you wish to discuss.
  3. Specify a Forum type. For more information on how each forum type works, consult the Which Forum Type Should I Use?  column on the left.
  4. If you plan on grading forum posts, open the Ratings section and set the Aggregate type. This will determine how grades for the forum are calculated (averaging the ratings, summing the ratings, etc.).
  5. If you want the forum to be worth points in the gradebook, Set the Scale to the number of points the forum will be worth.
Note: Always set this to an actual numerical value. Do not use a qualitative scale or the forum will not be worth points.
  1. Click on your Forum to go to the forum listing.
  2. If there are no discussion topics yet, you'll need to create one. Select Add a new discussion topic.
  3. Enter a Subject and a Message. You can use the Subscription drop-down to select whether you're notified about new posts in the discussion thread, and you can drag and drop files to the Attachment are to add them to the topic.
  4. Click Post to forum when done. You will have thirty minutes to edit the discussion topic you posted.
  5. Once discussion topics are posted, you will see them listed along with the name of the person who started them, the number of replies, and the time of last post. Click the topic's name in the Discussion column to see the posts in that thread.
  6. Once viewing the discussion, you will see users' individual posts. To reply to someone's post, select the Reply link to the lower-right of the post and enter a message the same way you would when starting a discussion.
  1. From your course page, click on your Forum to go to the forum listing.
  2. Click a topic's name in the Discussion column to see the posts in that thread.
  3. Under each student's post, you will see a Rate drop-down. Select the drop-down and choose the number of points to give this post. Depending on how your ratings are being aggregated (see the Creating a Forum tab above), these ratings will be averaged, summed, or otherwise evaluated to provide a grade.
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