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Using Quizzes

  1. From your course’s main page, select the Turn editing on button in the upper-right.
  2. With editing turned on, select Add an activity in the section where you want to add the quiz.
  3. Provide a Name for the quiz. You can also provide a Description for the quiz. The name is how the quiz will be displayed on the course page, in the gradebook, etc. The description is what the students will see before they attempt a quiz, and is useful for providing prompts or instructions.
  4. Open the Timing menu to set time limits on the quiz. You can specify when to Open the quiz, when to Close the quiz, and whether the quiz has a Time limit. Ensure that the Enable checkbox is checked for any option you want to use.
  5. Select the Grade section to expand it. Specify which Grade category the quiz will go in (if any). You can also set the number of Attempts allowed and the Grading method for those multiple attempts (e.g. take the highest grade, take the most recent grade, take the average grade, etc.).
  6. Select Save and display when done.

New Quiz Question Types

Question Types

  1. From your course page, select the Quiz to go to its summary page (if you are not there already).
  2. If no questions have been added yet, there will be an Edit quiz button on this page. Select it to begin adding questions. If you have already added questions, you can always go to the Administration block and select Edit quiz.
  3. You will be taken to the quiz editing page. Select the Add a question... button for any page listed to create a question on that page.
  4. From the pop-up that appears, select a question type from the list on the left. Once you have selected one, a description of that question type appears on the right. Select Next to begin building the question.
  5. Enter a Question name, the Question text, and a Default mark. The question name is how the question is labeled when building quizzes and is not visible to students--use it to aid with your own organization. The question text is the question prompt students will answer. The default mark is how much this question is worth relative to other questions in the quiz (not point value).
  6. Depending on the question type, you will need to specify the rest of the question’s options. For example, for a multiple choice question, you will need to provide a list of possible answers and select which one gets 100% of the grade (i.e., which answer is correct).
  7. Once you’re done building the question, select Save changes.
  8. You can continue to select Add a question... to add more questions to the page, or you can select Add page here to create a new page of questions.
  9. When you’re done, make sure you enter a Maximum grade: in the blank at the top and select Save.
  1. From your course page, select the Quiz to go to its summary page.
  2. If the quiz has been attempted, you will see the number of Attempts: made so far. Select this link to see the attempts.
  3. On the results page, you’ll see a list of students and their attempts. You will see when the attempt was started, when it ended, the time taken and (if there are no manually graded questions) their overall grade for the attempt. Their performance on individual questions is listed to the right: a green check indicates a correct answer while a red X indicates an incorrect answer. Any question that must be manually graded will read Requires grading.
  4. To see a complete layout of a student’s attempt, select the Review attempt link under their name. This will show you the entire quiz with their responses. To give feedback, change an automatic grade, or grade a manually-graded question, select the Make comment or override mark link below the question and enter a Mark and (optionally) a Comment. Select Save when done.
  5. If you have several questions that must be manually graded and you want to grade them quickly, go to the Administration block and select Manual grading. This will show you a list of questions that still require grading. Select the Grade all link next to a question to grade that question for all students. Enter a Mark and (optionally) a Comment for each student and select Save and go to next page to save your grading changes.
  1. From your course page, select the Quiz to go to its summary page.
  2. Once on the summary page, go to the Administration block and select User overrides.
  3. Select the Add user override button.
  4. Select the student in the Override user list (use the Search box if necessary).
  5. Change the value in the Time limit field to one appropriate for the student’s accommodation.
  6. Select Save and enter another override to extend time for additional students, or select Save when done.

Sample Aiken format for importing quiz questions.

Butler's current mascot's name is?
A. Trip
B. Tripple
C. Tres
D. Trois

The name of Butler's new dorm is?
A. Fairlong
B. Fairbanks
C. Fairview
D. The Conrad

The new dining option on campus is?
A. Illinois Food Emporium
B. Yatz
C. Bazbeaux's
D. Scotty's Dawghouse

Where is the new dining option located?
A. Hinkle Fieldhouse
B. The Parking Garage
C. Fairview
D. Ross Hall


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