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HTML block

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In Moodle you can add a block called HTML that allows you to add custom HTML code. This might be used to display or embed content from another sight. 

How do I add the HTML Block?

  1. In your course turn Editing On (upper right corner)
  2. Locate the block called Add a Block
  3. Select ADD and then HTML from the drop down menu
  4. Select Configure new HTML block from the Gear  drop down menu
  5. Enter the Content (HTML code) for the block and update any other setting you require

Adding a URL

You can add a link to a web site or other resource using the URL Resource. You can add a URL by following these instructions:

  1. Turn Editing On in the course you want to all a link to a URL.
  2. Locate the section you want to all the link, this can be moved later.
  3. Select Add a Resource and then select URL
  4. Enter a Name that you want displayed in the course. This can be anything descriptive of the link or topic.
  5. Enter the URL 
  6. Enter any other settings required for the URL (optional)
  7. Select Save and Return to Course

A Label allows you to add content (text, pictures, etc.) that is not associated with an Activity or another Resource. It it often used to label sub sections of your course or otherwise organize content in Moodle.

How to Add a Label

  1. With Editing turned on select Add a Resource and select Label.
  2. Use the tool bar (expand it by selecting Show More Buttons -upper left icon of tool bar).
  3. Add any pictures, text, drawing, table, etc. using the tool bar.
  4. Select Save and Return to Course.
Updated Atto editor buttons

Remember to select the first button to expand the Atto editor.

Atto buttons

The Accessibility buttons provide visual and hearing assistance

The Accessibility checker verifies your content for accessibility standards for text.

The screenreader helpers allows you to set styles for the screenreader to interpret text and images.

The Equation Editor allows you to input mathematical functions.


Equation Editor

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