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Moodle: Moodle Mobile

Moodle Mobile

Disclaimer: Butler has no control over Moodle Mobile’s development and thus cannot support the app beyond making it available, providing guidance documentation, and offering limited troubleshooting assistance via Butler’s IT Help Desk. For more information on Moodle Mobile, visit MoodleDocs.
Getting Started with Moodle Mobile

1. Open your device and navigate to the app store (Android → Google Play Store; Apple iOS → App Store).

Apple App Store Logo




Google Play Logo




2. Locate and download Moodle Mobile. (Note: make sure “Moodle Pty. Ltd” is listed as the owner/developer).  

3. Once installed, open app and type at the prompt.

Moodle Mobile App Login Screen

4. Select connect.

5. Log in using your Butler username and password.

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