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ED534 Topical Seminar: Systematic Review of the Literature (Kandel): Tools for Finding Sources

A course guide for ED534: Systematic Review of the Literature Topical Seminar

Tools for Finding Articles, Books, and More

Although these will not really search everything, these tools will search for many books, articles, and more all with one search:

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In addition to the Education specific databases, the following cover multiple disciplines including Education:

Education Statistics

General Statistics (including Education)

For a more complete list of databases, see Databases A-Z (also available from the library home page).

Organizations also provide reports.  One example is UNESCO with their UNESDOC database of publications.

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Understanding Search Tools

Most library databases come with descriptions and tips for searching.  

The descriptions can give you an idea of the topics, formats, and date ranges covered in that database. This information can often be found by clicking on the i or About button.  For the EBSCO databases, you can use this link. ProQuest databases include this information on the Basic Search pages.

Search Tips can usually be accessed by clicking on ?, Help, or Search Tips‚Äč

Some differences between searching library databases and Google Scholar

Difference #1:

  • When searching library databases and catalogs, you are usually searching records describing the articles, books, reports, etc.   Sometimes, though, you are searching the full text, such as with ebooks and JSTOR.
  • When searching Google Scholar, you are searching the full text of what is available online (citations, full or partial text of articles and books, etc.)

Difference #2:

  • When searching most library databases and catalogs, you can usually search within a number of specific fields (pieces of the record), such as subject, author, title, date (and many more). 
  • Although you can search by title, author, journal title, and date in Google Scholar (using Advanced Search), these are your only options. There is no option to search by subject.


To find out if Butler Libraries has a specific journal, go to the Journals A-Z list and search for the title.

Ulrichsweb can help you to find out more information on a specific journal.

Examples of online journals relating to education research:

Other journals also contain reports of research.  Some discipline specific examples include: 

Education and Urban Society, Bilingual Research Journal, Modern Language Journal, Journal of Literacy Research, Literacy Research and Instruction, TESOL Quarterly, Reading Research Quarterly, Research in the Teaching of English, Journal of Research in Reading, Research in Science & Technological Education, Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, Journal of Research in Science Teaching, Visual Arts Research, Music Education Research, and Journal of Research in Music Education.

Find It button

Don't give up if you don't see an icon for the full text! 

Click on the Find Full Text button image of FIND FULL TEXT button to see if the library does have full text access to the item or if it is freely available. (example) 

Occasionally, this linker does not work correctly. It can be worth a try to go through Journals A-Z to check.  Please let me know if it looks as though we should have access, but you are unable to access an item.

Please remember that you can use InterLibrary Loan to get articles in a few days (or books in about a week).


Be sure to use persistent links if you decide to save or email links to articles you found in the results list of a database search.  Many times, the URL you see at the top of the page includes session information from your search session and the link will not work after you have closed that session. 

In addition to using persistent links, if you note the citation information you can insure that you will be able to find the item again. 


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