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Clarinet Studio Class: Useful LC Class Numbers

This guide is designed to help clarinet students locate important books, scores, recordings, A-V materials for, and performers of their instrument (i.e., the clarinet).

LC Classifications for Clarinet

The Butler Libraries us the Library of Congress (LC) classification scheme for its materials.  This is an alpha-numeric system.  Each call number begins with a letter or letters followed by a number designating a particular topic.  In music, all books and scores are classed wtih the letters "M," "ML," or "MT."

M = Scores

ML = Books about music (i.e., music literature or history)

MT= Materials about music theory or pedagogy (i.e., teaching materials)

Below is a simplified overview of the LC classes relevant to the study of the clarinet:

Bibliography:   ML128.C58 (Check for "reference" designation)
Performer biographies:  ML399
Composer biographies:  ML410
History and criticism:   ML945+
Construction:   ML946
Clarinet music and playing:  ML948

Instruction and study:   MT380+
           for children:   MT801.C6
Instrumental music:   M70+

with orchestra (solo):   M1024+, M1124+
with piano: M248+

M70-74           Solo clarinet music

M70   Miscellaneous collections
M71   Original compositions, collections
M72   Original compositions, separate works
M73   Arrangements, collections
M74   Arrangements, separate works

M248-252       Clarinet and piano

M248   Miscellaneous collections
M249   Original compositions collections
M250   Original compositions separate works
M251   Collections, arrangements
M252   Separate works, arrangements

M1024-1025   Orchestral music – Clarinet

M1024    Full and reduced scores
M1024.5  Cadenzas, by composer of concertos, A-Z
M1025   Solos with piano      




Other useful LC classes for woodwinds

   Bibliography:  ML 128 F7   History and criticism: ML935+
      Construction: ML 936

   Instruction and study: MT340+
      for children: MT801.F5

   Instrumental music: M60_
      with orchestra (solo): M1020+, M1120+
      with piano: M240+

   Bibliography:  ML 128 O2 
   History and criticism: ML940+
      Construction: ML941

   Instruction and study: MT360+

  Instrumental music: M65+_
      with orchestra (solo): M1022+, M1122+
      with piano: M245+

   Bibliography:  ML128 B26
   History and criticism: ML950+

      Construction: ML951

   Instruction and study: MT400+

   Instrumental music: M75+
       with orchestra (solo): M1026+, M1126+
      with piano: M253+





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