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US immigration policy, history, and accounts from the late 19th century to the end of the 20th century.

Immigrant Literature Themes

History of U.S. Immigration

   Brief US Immigration

Prominent US Immigrant Legislation:

  • The Immigration Act of 1924 - based on a 'national origins' quota system favoring people immigrating from Europe (Northern and Western Europe).
  • Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 - abandoned the quota system; move to special categories of immigrants, relations of US residents, and immigrants with special skills.

MLA Style

The following image link leads you to how to cite using the MLA 8th edition. 

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Also consult the Purdue OWL's (Online Writing Lab) MLA Formatting and Style Guide and the MLA's Style Center Works Cited: A Quick Guide for MLA citation guidance.

Research Proposal Outline

Specific Resources

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Citation Generators

Citation Machine trademarkThe following citation generators can create a base citation for your sources; however, always check the what was generated - technology generation of a citation is never as good as a human eye reviewing the citations for content and formatting correctness!  

Also note that most of these tools will only let you format a limited number of citations without requiring a fee, or may require that you view ads in order to continue on with the tool.


Writing a Good Research Question

Goal:  How to write a focused research question

A good research question:  answers a question related to your topic.


1. In order to write a good research question, you need to have knowledge about your topic - research the background, overview, scope of topic

2. A good research question should neither be too narrow or too broad:

  • ex. too narrow:  what are the key points of the Immigration Act of 1924?
  • ex. too broad:  why is immigration a heated political issue throughout the world?
  • Better:  What economic factors play into the push for a wall being built between the US and Mexican border?


Steely Library, Northern Kentucky University, nkulibrary. “Developing a Research Question.” YouTube, YouTube 28 July 2014,

Make sure it is clear, focused and complex! 

Clear: who or what, don't leave room for ambiguity 

Focused: specificity! Make your question as narrow as possible: specific cause or place or group, specific whatever you need

Complex: can this be looked up and answered in a few factual sentences? your question should be thought provoking!

Adapted from GMU Writing Center, "How to Write a Research Question" 

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