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Celebration of Innovation in Teaching: Instruction Assistance

IC Students in Business Courses

Information Commons (IC) student employees assist with information literacy instruction in ten sections of the EI101 Freshman Business Experience course. 

Other College of Business courses for which IC students have provided assistance:

  • AC203:  Introduction to Accounting
  • EC232:  Principles of Macroeconomics
  • IB320:  International Business
  • MK380:  Introduction to Marketing Management
  • MK473:  Retailing
  • MK491:  International Marketing

Peer-to-Peer Teaching


Search Logs are introduced in the Freshman Business Experience course.  As the Librarian demonstrates business research resources in class, the Information Commons student assists by...

  • tracking the process on a Search Log
  • documenting sources, search terms, and findings
  • discussing the completed log with the students in the class, who will then create their own search logs for course assignments.  

IC students help Librarians prepare for instruction sessions by creating and reviewing LibGuides and online tutorials that are used prior to and during classroom instruction.  The tutorial below is completed by students who are learning to conduct industry research.


During instruction sessions, IC students rove the classroom to help with database search techniques.  For example, IC students have taught students how to use the "Category Tree" search feature in the Passport database for international business research.

IC students know how to find images with Creative Commons licenses and how to provide proper attribution when using them.  Librarians include these images in class presentations, LibGuides, and tutorials.  The Creative Commons-licensed image below was used in a lecture for a Retailing class.



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