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HST 205: The Great War (Ramsbottom): Other Helpful Online Resources

Other Suggested Websites

Multimedia/Centennial/Primary Source Websites (if you want to start exploring)

International Encyclopedia of the First World War: (see WWI websites tab)

US National Archives WWI Military Records:

World War I Document Archive:

Wall Street Journal WWI articles:

British National Archives WWI materials:

New York Times:

Taylor and Francis Online:

Progressive Era/WWI:

World War I Centenary (UK):

World War I Photos, Videos, Museum Artifacts (these are visual primary sources):

US National Archives Photos:

Library of Congress Prints and Photos:

The Atlantic: WWI in Photos:

WW I photo archive:

BBC programming for Britain:

WWI Mobilisation Video (UK):  (yes, this is the British spelling of “moblisation”)

Imperial War Museum:

World War I in Music and Poetry:

Samples of the top 20 songs of WWI

Samples of WWI songs sung by American and British soldiers

Samples of WWI songs on cylinder recordings

Brown University Library WWI Song Library

Sheet music collection at Johns Hopkins.  Qualify by World War and dates 1914-1918.

WWI poetry


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