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Information Literacy Toolbox for Butler Faculty: Information Literacy at Butler

Provides information on information literacy standards, assignments designed to teach information literacy, and a listing of Butler librarian liaisons to contact for IL instruction.

FYS Librarian Assignments

Information Literacy Standards

Professional Association Sites Defining IL:

Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL)

ACRL Information Literacy Website


The information literate student:

  1. Determines the nature and extent of the information needed
  2. Accesses the needed information effectively and efficiently
  3. Evaluates information and its sources critically and incorporates selected information into his or her knowledge base
  4. Uses information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose
  5. Understands the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information, and accesses and uses information ethically and legally.

2013 Assessfest Documents

Information Literacy Parts

Information Literacy at Butler

Butler University Libraries supports information literacy at various points throughout a student's undergraduate/graduate experience.  Here are the key curriculum points that we try to reach:

  • First-year seminar - students receive an introduction to information literacy concepts and skills through classroom library instruction session(s). Research is a concentration area for the first-year seminar class as denoted in the following documents:

Core Curriculum, First-Year Seminar Learning Objectives

The FYS Research Learning Outcome

What are the most critical information literacy skills to cover in FYS?

  • Discpline-specific instruction - Librarian college/department liaisons work with their assigned majors/programs to target mid-undergraduate classes (such as a research methods class) where discipline-specific information literacy can be incorporated.  A reinforcing, discipline-specific information literacy session should ideally occur with a senior-level, capstone-type course.  Contact your major/college liaison librarian to discuss information literacy opportunities for your classes. 

Butler University librarians serve as library liaisons to the University's colleges and/or departments.  Liaisons work with a college or department to:

  • provide classroom library instruction
  • oversee collection development for the discipline
  • provide library services support.

Contact your liaison to schedule library instruction for your classes, request materials, and to ask about library services:

Butler Librarian Liaisons


Teaching Information Literacy Concepts for FYS

These tabs provide reusable content for teaching FYS information literacy competencies.


Assignments incorporating Information Literacy

Why reinvent the wheel?  Browse these information literacy handouts and sites for assignments that incorporate information literacy.

Assoc. Dean for Public Services, Butler Libraries

Sally Neal
Butler University
109B Irwin Library

Neal Evaluation

Thinking of the Research Paper in a New Light

2011-12 FYS IL Assessment

There are two information literacy/library instruction assessments that are part of the Butler First-Year Seminar program.  They are: