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Interpersonal Communication: Interpersonal Communication

This library research guide supports program areas that are a part of Butler University's College of Communication.

About This Guide

This guide describes sources and strategies for research into interpersonal communication

It includes sections on Overview Sources, Annual Reviews, and Handbooks to define and find significant scholarshop on your topic and Article Databases to locate primary research. 

Overview Sources


A handbook is a reference book providing concise overviews of key issues, theories, and other aspects of a field of scholarly study.  Search the Butler Catalog for handbooks on communication subject areas:  ex. family communication AND handbook.


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Cambridge Handbook of Personal Relationships
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Getting Started with Interpersonal Communication Research

Interpersonal communication takes many forms and occurs in many contexts.  In beginning your research, plan out what aspects of interpersonal communication you are interested in.

This will help guide both where to search and what kind of terms to use.

For example, think about:

  • Context: communication at work, in school, on a sports team, at a party, at home, etc.
  • Type of relationship: friendship, family (spouse, sibling, parent-child), romantic relationship, etc.
  • Form of communication: speech, nonverbal, writing, phone, IM, etc.
  • Purpose of communication: persuasion, conflict resolution, support, information gathering, etc.
  • Other influences: race, age, gender, culture, etc.  

Be as specific as possible in formulating your search terms, covering all aspects you're interested in, but be sure to use alternative/related terms as well. Then check out the Finding Articles and Finding Books sections of this guide.

Article Databases

Because interpersonal communiation takes place in so many contexts, research on interpersonal communication can be found in databases focused on many different fields:  education, business & management, nursing & health sciences, political science, and others. 

Other Article Databases

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Neal Evaluation

APA Style

Go the Butler's APA Citation Style LibGuide for citation guidance:

Butler's APA Citation Style LibGuide

Books in Butler's Collections

New Book
24/7: How Cell Phones and the Internet Change the Way We Live, Work, and Play 
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New Book
Nonverbal Communication in Close Relationships (Lea's Series on Personal Relationships)
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