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Panopto: PC Recording

Recording with your PC

Panopto for Windows: Windows 7 and above (32 and 64 bit)


  • Standard Quality: Intel i3 recommended
  • High or Ultra Quality: Intel i7 (4-core) recommended



  • Standard Quality: 135MB per hour
  • High Quality: 540MB per hour


Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and above (only if recording presentations)

Video Devices Supported 

  • USB webcams, DV/CAT5/analog camcorders
  • HDMI and VGA capture devices
  • Analog video devices that output S-Video or composite AV
  • Digital pen tablets and white boards

Audio Devices Supported 

  • Wired and wireless microphones (using the computer’s mic jack)
  • USB audio devices (such as the Blue Yeti USB or component to USB)
  • Audio devices that use a PC AV capture card

Note: Downloading the Recorder requires Creator access privileges. If you cannot download the recorder contact your course instructor or site administrator.

  1. Using Chrome of Firefox browser
  2. Select Moodle, from the Log in Using drop down menu and use your Butler credentials to log in. 
  3.  Download the Recorder by clicking on the Download Panopto button in the upper right corner.
  4. Select Download Installer Windows 7 and Up from the options presented.
  5. Locate PanoptoRecorder.exe that you’ve downloaded and run the application.
  6. The installer will self extract and begin the installation.
  7. Select a destination folder to install the recorder to. Click Next.
  8. Click Install and the installation will begin.
  9. Once the Recorder is installed you will be able to open the software.

Open the Panopto Recorder. The first time you run the recorder, you will be required to log in.

  1. Using Chrome of Firefox browser go to
  2. Select Moodle, from the Log in Using drop down menu and use your Butler credentials to log in. 

Once the Recorder opens, you will be taken to the Create New Recording tab. 
To continue with configuration click on the Settings tab.

Basic Settings 

System Settings

Recording Directory: This is the directory on the recording computer where all of the raw data will be stored. The default is set to C:PanoptoRecorder.

Upload when recorder is closed: The Panopto Recorder Service allowing recordings to be uploaded even while the Recorder is closed.

Click Save if you make any changes to System Settings.

Application Settings

Automatically Upload Recordings: This setting allows you to tell the recorder to upload video data as soon as the recording has ended. You may wish to uncheck this box if you want to wait until you have a faster connection before uploading.

Show Help Messages: This setting will enable or disable the Help messages in the highlighted area at the top of the Panopto Recorder. 

Minimize When Recording: This setting will automatically minimize the Panopto Recorder when you start your recording. 

Notify me when a viewer asks a question: This setting will enable a pop up window (shown below) on the recording computer notifying you when a viewer asks a question during a live broadcast even if the recorder is minimized.


Advanced Settings - this tab allows users with Panopto administrative permissions to configure additional settings within the Panopto Recorder.

Application Settings

Allow Stored Login Info:  This will allow you to save your login information at the login screen.

Advanced Capture Settings

Use Adaptive Streaming capture format (BETA): This new feature will enable adaptive streaming at HD resolutions. Note this feature is in its BETA stage.

Always set screen resolution to 1024 x 768 pixels: This setting will automatically adjust your screen display resolution to 1024 x 768 pixels anytime the Recorder is open. Click OK if you would like to use this setting.

Always capture PowerPoint as screen image: This setting helps render fonts or objects that may be present within your PowerPoint slideshow. This is useful when using custom fonts that do not exist on the server.

Fix webcam A/V synchronization: Automatically fixes audio and video syncing with Apple iSight and clones when running Windows on a Mac.

Click Save to save and apply any changes to advanced settings



  1. Open the Panopto Recorder. The first time you run the recorder, you will be required to log in.
    • Using Chrome of Firefox browser go to
    • Select Moodle, from the Log in Using drop down menu and use your Butler credentials to log in. 
  • Once the Recorder opens, you will be taken to the Create New Recording tab.
  • Set the folder that your recording will be placed in by clicking on the down arrow beside the Folder box.
  • If you don't see your course folder you may still need to Provision your course. See this guide to do that.
  • Select your folder from the hierarchical list of folders presented.

Things to know:

  • The Recent Folders list displays the three most recently used folders for recording
  • The My Folders list will always show the three most recently used folders
  • Click on Offline Recording to record without choosing a folder. The session can be upload at a later time at your discretion, or when network connectivity is restored.
  • Click on Create New Folder to create a new folder to record your content within.

2. Computer Audio

Panopto can now capture any audio that plays on your computer. Simply check "Capture Computer Audio" and we will record anything that plays back on your computer!

3. Choosing Primary Input

Once you have determined the destination for your recording, you must choose the inputs that you would include in your recording. You can select a primary video device, audio device, and also choose to capture computer audio. You can also modify what quality the primary input source is captured at. 

Note: A standalone Panopto recording must at least have an audio source chosen. This does not apply if you're joining another recording which is already in progress.

4. Starting, Stopping, and Pausing 

  • After you've chosen the sources that you wish to include in your recording, click large red Record icon to begin capturing.
  • Once your recording has started, that icon will change into Pause and Stop

If during your recording session you wish to take a short break, you may click the Pause button. The portion of the recording which you placed on pause will be reflected as an edit and will not be shown in the published version of your recording. You may choose to extend the pause period, shorten it, or remove it completely. The Panopto editor is non-destructive which means that edits may be added or removed at your discretion, without the fear of ruining an original recording. A common use-case for this is when a presenter places a recording on pause and neglects to resume recording after the break. Within the Panopto editor, you can edit the remainder of the recording back into the final presentation.

  • Once you've completed your recording session click the Stop button. If you had previously picked a destination folder, your session will begin uploading to that folder.

5. Screen Capture and PowerPoint

  • After you have selected your video and audio inputs, you can choose to also capture what is displayed on your screen and/or the contents of your PowerPoint presentation.
  • You may also choose to add an additional video source if you have more than one camera plugged into your computer.
  • Note: In order to properly record PowerPoint presentations, please ensure PowerPoint is open and that you're presenting in full-screen presentation mode.
  • To adjust screen your capture resolution, click the drop-down menu to the right of "Resolution" under the secondary source preview window and choose the resolution that best matches the source output. You can also adjust the bit rate and frame rate by dragging the sliders shown below. Click Apply to save changes.

6. Recording Status

  • Once your recording has ended, you will be taken to the Manage Recordings page. This page provides a list of sessions that have been recorded offline, are uploading, or have completed uploading
  • Offline Recordings are recordings that you have not yet picked a folder for, so they are just on your computer.
  • Currently Uploading Recordings are recordings that are in the midst of the upload process.
  • Uploaded Recordings are recordings that have completed upload and are either processing or ready for viewing. You may also perform additional actions on the recordings listed in this area.
  • Delete Local will delete the copy of the recording that still resides on your computer. This is an irreversible action. The final version that exists on the Panopto site will not be affected by this action

Set Offline - puts the recording in a state where it may be uploaded to another folder, uploaded using a different name, or uploaded to a different Panopto site altogether after logging into that new site within the recorder.

Using a recorder to join another session (Two computer recording)

Panopto for Windows allows you to selectively capture different sources from different recording stations. For example, if you have a Panopto for Windows recorder at the back of the room which always only captures audio and video of the presenter, but would still like to capture the PowerPoint/screen capture of a podium machine.

In a two computer recording scenario, the PowerPoint and/or Screen Capture is being recorded from one computer and the audio and/or video can be captured from a separate computer.  If the same Session is chosen, the two separate recordings will be combined and synchronized on the Panopto Server and the recording will look as if it were all recorded from one physical computer.  This section will review the options for recording PowerPoint only or screen capture + PowerPoint.  Presentations will not process through the Panopto system unless they have at least audio or video recorded to that same session. This process can be done with both Windows and Mac computers (both of the same or a mixture of the two). Please refer to our Basic Recording documentation for primary source recorder configuration.

Follow these initial steps, regardless of what additional secondary sources you are capturing

Locate the session you wish to join

  1. The first thing you must do is locate the folder that your on-going recording is occurring in. In the upper portion of the application window, locate the "Folder" box. Upon clicking the down arrow within the folder box, you will be presented with a hierarchical list of folders which you're able to place recordings in.
  2. Within the folder picker, locate the folder which contains the on-going session
  3. You will then see the "Join Session" button become active. Click this button to display a list of on-going sessions within the folder, and select the session you wish to join.

Recording PowerPoint Slides

Now that your master session has been joined, you may now select the type of that you will be capturing. This recording scenario assumes that the audio/video content is being captured on another computer.

  1. Click on the PowerPoint check box under Secondary Sources
  2. Now click the Open a Presentation button and browse for and open your PowerPoint file.

Panopto for Windows will open PowerPoint with your presentation.  You may also have the PowerPoint file open already when choosing Capture PowerPoint and the software will detect the opened presentation automatically.

You will receive a message after choosing your PowerPoint file that asks if you would like to begin recording after PowerPoint opens.  This allows you to begin recording immediately by clicking Yes without having to return to the Panopto Recorder to click the Record button.

If you click No at the Begin Recording? window, you must return to Panopto for Windows and click on Record to begin recording the PowerPoint slide transitions.

As seen above, the Recorder has a message that says, PowerPoint is open but is not currently presenting.  PowerPoint must be in Full Screen or Presentation Mode for the slides to be captured.  Once the presentation is made full screened by pressing F5 or click Start Slide Show that message will go away. You may also choose to open a different presentation.

If Help Messages are enabled within the Panopto Recorder, you will receive the message prompt below.  This helps ensure that the presenter understands that they are recording PowerPoint or Screen Capture only with no audio or video selected.  Click OK to continue and begin recording.

While presenting, the Panopto Recorder will record all slide transitions along with time stamps of each transition.  This will synchronize the audio, video, and PowerPoint slides when viewed.  The software will also extrapolate the slide text and make that text searchable in the Panopto Viewer.

Recording Screen(s)

To record a presentation while capturing the contents of your computer screen:

  1. Click on the Capture Screen check-box under Secondary Sources.
  2. Screen Capture will appear in the right-hand window as an active device and will allow you to start showing a preview of what the Recorder will be capturing by selecting Enable screen capture preview.
  3. To start recording, click "Record".

Recording your second and/or third screen 

To capture other screens attached to your system, make sure your additional display is detected.

  1. Click Capture Second Screen and/or Capture Third Screen
  2. To start recording, click Record.

If Help Messages are enabled within the Panopto Recorder, you will receive the message prompt below.  This helps ensure that the presenter understands that they are recording Screen Capture or PowerPoint only with no audio or video selected.  Click OK to continue and begin recording.



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