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FYS: Fairy Tale, Self, and Society (Jorgensen): Media Sources

Course Guide for Fairy Tale, Self, and Society FYS course

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Butler Libraries' Streaming Video and Music Options

The Library of Congress' National Jukebox ( contains historical sound recordings.

Media and Copyright

  • In addition to text, images and other media that you find on the web are considered to be published and are subject to copyright protection unless they are in the public domain.  
  • Although there are some exceptions, you need to ask permission to use items protected by copyright.  Exceptions include fair use and classroom use.  For more information, please see the Fair Use page on the Copyright LibGuide.
  • To save yourself the trouble of either asking for permission or needing to determine if your use of a copyright protected item is allowed, you can either use items that are in the public domain or that have a license that is less restrictive than copyright, such as a Creative Commons license
  • All items should be accompanied by attributions if they are copyright protected or if the license specifies that attribution is needed
  • The publicly available media repositories listed on this page provide options for public domain and/or Creative Commons licensed items.

For more information, please see the Find Images & Media LibGuide.

Publicly Available Media Repositories


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