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PCA 241: Hip Hop: History, Evolution, and Culture (Voice)

This LibGuide supports PCA 241-MU (10-13), Perspectives in the Creative Arts -- Music in Action. This section is "Hip-hop: History, Evolution, and Culture" taught by Professor Manon Voice.


Welcome to the LibGuide for the Perspectives in The Creative Arts-Music in Action section:

"Hip Hop: History, Evolution, and Culture"

This guide is meant to help you develop the skills and tools to accomplish your course objective and goals:

The aim of this course will be to examine Hip-Hop as a cultural movement by journeying through
its chronology while looking at the surrounding social and political contexts that influenced its
ongoing transformations and listening to the music that was birthed through these eras.

● Develop an understanding of the ways Hip-Hop has been shaped by the experiences of African-Americans, Caribbean-Americans, and Latino Americans as oppressed and marginalized groups living in the U.S.
● Develop an understanding of and identify the four elements that comprise the foundation of Hip-Hop.
● Develop an appreciation of the cultural, political, and artistic value of Hip-Hop by understanding the socio-political catalysts that shaped the genre.
● Improve listening skills such as the ability to identify the various subgenres of hip-hop.
● Understand the literary architecture of a rap song and demonstrate the ability to write a Hip-Hop verse.

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Resources to Explore

If you're looking for a way to start thinking about your research, try reference! Encyclopedias and annotated bibliographies are great ways to get an overview on academic sources in the field!

The resources below are guides that can point you toward discographies, periodicals, writings on performance practice, political agency, pedagogy and language, religion and spirituality, biographies, the field of hip-hop studies and more!

The databases below contain a number of journals that cover (among other areas) Hip Hop and rap.  Try using terms from the Useful LC Class Nos. and Subjects page to find articles!

Did you want to did deeper? Consider looking in the Archives!


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