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Citing Guide for Business Majors: Other Business Sources (Misc.)

A citing guide for business majors that's based on the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.)

Other Commonly Cited Business Sources

Recorded Interviews Available in a Archive:

Jones, G. B. (1999, August 21). Interview by B. A. Baracus [Tape recording].  Rare Books and Special Collections. Irwin Library, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN. 

Personal Interview Conducted by You:

In APA style, do not cite personal communications (interviews, telephone conversations, emails) in your reference list since they aren't published or archived. Just cite these sources in-text:

Wagner indicated that it was more difficult to find a job in these tough economic times (B. Wagner, personal interview, June 2, 2010).

Motion Pictures/Videos:

- Reference to a motion picture

 Santee, B. (Producer), & Woods, B. L. (Director). (2001). Corporate ethics [Motion Picture].   (Available from Big Sea Productions, Inc., 902 South Fourth, Norfolk, NE 6870l.

 - Reference to a DVD

 Santee, B. (Producer), & Woods, B. L. (Director). (2001). Corporate ethics [DVD]. (Available from Big Sea Productions, Inc., 902 South Fourth, Norfolk, NE 6870l.


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