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FYS: Science and Sustainability: Information Timeline/Publication Type

Guide to research for Prof. Tice's FYS on Science and Sustainability

Information Timeline

Another, more detailed, grid of an information timeline:

Types of Publications

Publication Comparison Grid


For your sources, remember to concentrate on finding scholarly and trade-type publications. 


CATEGORY Scholarly Trade General
Author researchers, scholars and experts people in field, specialized journalists journalists
Length longer, in-depth articles some lengthy, mostly shorter articles short, a few pages at the most
Language uses vocabulary of the discipline uses the jargon of the field simple, general vocabulary
Publisher university & scholarly presses, professional organizations professional organizations and trade publishers commercial and trade publishers
Sources footnotes & bibliographies always included usually cited, but not as extensive generally not cited
Graphics charts, tables, almost no advertisements some illustrations & ads related to the profession lots of photographs and advertisements
Intended Value to share original research with the academic community and other scholars trends, news and information for the field current events, news, popular culture, and entertainment
Examples Foreign Affairs, Journal of Educational Psychology, American Economic Review Farm Industry News, HR Magazine, Automotive News, Library Journal, Franchise Times Time, Newsweek, People, US News & World Report





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