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The Very Model of a Modern Day (Music) Librarian!: What's "Out?"

A discussion of basic qualifications for music librarianship "then and now" and looking toward the future! This LibGuide accompanies Sheri Stormes's contribution to the program, "Music Librarianship: What Types of Jobs Are Available..." MLA San Jose 2013

These are "out!" Wordle

Outdated Qualifications

These qualifications which appeared in earlier lists seem to no longer be critical/relevant:

  • Having a degree in music but not one in library science!
  • Knowledge of the Dickinson Classification scheme.
  • Knowledge of ALA filing rules.
  • Knowledge of precise subject heading terminology [e.g., Library of Congress (LC) Subject Headings] while still desirable is not as critical as it once was because of online keyword search capabilities.
  • Knowledge and ownership of print bibliographic resources that provide access to contents of collections (e.g., de Charms, Goleeke) less necessary becaue of online searchable contents notes.
  • Knowledge of how to check "speaker phasing" - ?!
  • Knowledge of in-house binding techniquesVistafoil, pre-made folders which can accommodate scores and parts, and more sophisticated professional bindery techniques have rendered this knowledge virtually unnecessary.
  • Knowledge of specific library collections (libraries that have significant collections of music).  WorldCat and other online sources have made this knowledge less critical.
  • Knowledge of AACR2 is still important but will diminish as RDA is more widely adopted.
  • Knowledge of specific vendors and their contact information is no longer necessary because of availability of such info on the Internet.



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