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The Very Model of a Modern Day (Music) Librarian!: What's "New," Pussycat?

A discussion of basic qualifications for music librarianship "then and now" and looking toward the future! This LibGuide accompanies Sheri Stormes's contribution to the program, "Music Librarianship: What Types of Jobs Are Available..." MLA San Jose 2013

"What's New, Pussycat?" Wordle

New skills necessary for success in the 21st Century

Today's music librarian should possess these qualifications:

  • Degree in music generally required with increasing emphasis on a graduate degree in music for academic appointments.
  • Organizational skills; the ability to prioritize.
  • Collaborations skills; the ability to "play well with others!"
  • The ability to work wtih people of diverse backgrounds.
  • Interdisciplinary research skills.
  • Knowledge of non-Western music.
  • Understanding of collection development philosophy and techniques in an electronic world.
  • Knowledge of instructional strategies and techniques.
  • Knowledge of new and emerging technologies.
  • Knowledge of social media.
  • Familiarity wtih digitization processes.
  • Knowledge of digitized book collections and how to conduct effective keyword searches of them.


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